J & J Motorcycle Flag Mounts

 This is the answer to all organizations that need a safe and secure way of flying their flag. Fits all motorcycle brands, cars, trucks, SUV, ATV, UTV. Show your Patriotism in parades or other events by flying your banner, organizational, or the American flag.

My Motorcycle Flag Mounts have just the right flag angle to clear any motorcycle rear luggage box and will work on any type motorcycle or any other type vehicle with a receiver hitch. **If you do not have a receiver on your motorcycle, then click here for help in finding a receiver or go to the Links page to the left.

My Motorcycle Flag Mounts will fit any 1 1/4" or 2" receiver hitches (you will need the reducer /adapter to work in a 2" hitch). Each mount comes with a locking pin to secure your flag pole to the mount. Although I specialize in motorcycle flag mounts, I can customize a hitch mount to fit anything with wheels.

Guaranteed to last, made from new hot rolled steel. If you are not satisfied, then let me know with in 7 days of your item arrival and I will work with you to make sure that you are happy. I have also tested our mounts at speeds up to 80 mph with a 3' X 5' flag flying with no problems at all.

Free USPS Priority Mail shipping within the United States (we do not ship outside the United States).

What's New At J & J

(1). All of my designs are finished in a durable Gloss Black powder coating finish.

(2). I have added three different types of Flag Hitch Mounts to my product line; one to fit the trikes flat bar ball Receivers, one to fit the 1 1/4" Goldwing Vertical Receivers and one to fit the 1" Bushtec Receivers.

(3). I am now offering a Hitch Clamp to fully secure and tighten your Flag Mount and other attachments for the Horizontal type receivers.. Takes all the "Play" out of your Hitch to Receiver. Check them out (click here) and also in the products section at the left top of this page.

(4). I now am offering 72 Inch Chrome Steel Flag poles for sale. These flag poles will with stand any speed, with flags flying.


Customer's Bikes With Flag Mounts Installed

100% manufactured in the USA!

Horizontal - Hitch Flag Mount

Hitch Clamp

Vertical - Hitch Flag Mount

Vertical Bushtec Hitch Flag Mount
Vertical Bushtec - Hitch Flag Mount

Vertical Flat - Hitch Flag Mount

Support Our Troops! Support Out Troops

Let us not forget the sacrifices made by the armed forces and their families to protect this great country we live in. Freedom is not free! We'd like to thank our troops for their service and sacrifice.

Let's also thank all those in our Fire Departments and Police Departments for putting their lives on the line to keep our home fronts safe and secure.

How To Add a Grommet to Your Flag.

Visit this site (click here) for Instructions and pictures to help explain how I added a third grommet to my flags.

"You got a Receiver, I got a Hitch!"